Coffee helps you to Hydrate?

Well we are talking about coffee and it is very favorite drink of most people. This is daily routine for many people to start their day with the coffee. Coffee has many benefits as it helps us to stay awake and active during the day and also get us through the day. There are many benefits of coffee regarding the impact on human beings it has. It can help us to work faster and without getting tired.

In corporate world and businesses coffee is the most important drink of the day. Because it can get you through rough day and through sleepless nights. But this whole situation begs a question if you are heavy coffee drinker does it have any disadvantages on your health. One of common problem faced by coffee drinker is that person feels dehydrated very much.

Dehydration by Coffee

From a study which was done a century before tell us that people who drink coffee on the regular basis go to washroom 50% more than the people who don’t go to washroom. Also drinking coffee increases your tolerance towards caffeinated beverages and it takes lot of quantity to induce same effect as before.

Another misconception of coffee is the Diuretic effect. It refers to the reaction happening in your body which produces more urine than what is considered normal. This condition helps with the other problems where high amount of urine is necessary like blood pressure and sugar patient.

This can happen from natural foods and drinks so this is not a big deal but as one of side effects of drinking coffee heavily it matters. Because we are searching for the answer that does coffee make you dehydrated.

Coffee diuretic affects comes from the caffeine content it has. When you drink coffee then this substance mixes with the bloodstream and affects your different body organs including brain which helps to make it faster and kidneys which helps to flush more water out.

Researcher concluded that in regular coffee drinker this effect is not that profound and it is for short duration. Another theory related to this that when you are drinking heavy amount of coffee you are also drinking water along with that. So which will make the diuretic effect negative by the coffee. But some researchers do not agree with this approach but overall sentiment is that water balance would not be affected much in the people who drink coffee in high amount.

Moreover, the daily cup or two of coffee can help you to meet your daily goal of fluid intake so it would not have much of effect on your body in negative terms.

Also it depends and varies from a person to person as some people prefer their morning coffee and that keeps them awake but for others it is very upsetting experience and they do not feel good by this. Only you are the best judge for yourself and you should do what your body tells you to do. If your body reacts with the coffee, then you can enjoy decaf coffee.

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