How much water you should drink during exercise

Staying well hydrated is very important for the person in general. If someone has embarked this journey of being fit and having full occupied schedule for exercise know its importance. You can’t have one productive session of exercise without water. We know we should have water all the time during exercise but in this article we will talk about the points which are necessary to make the case how much water you should drink to be well hydrated during your one of intense exercise session.

How Much

One major point in this what every people think is that should we drink as much as we sweat or would you indicate your thirst with how much you need to drink water now. But Science has not established any hard and fast rule and the ratio varies greatly from an individual to individual and their daily routine. The hydration factor can comprise of many things like age, gender, Height and weight. So factor like these do affect the water intake.

You can calculate how much you need to drink the water by looking at the intensity of you doing exercise or your general day. The higher the intensity will indicate to drink the more water. Generally, for the days for which you work with high intensity you need to drink approximately 4.5 liters and for the days which are less productive in the terms of exercise will require you to drink approximately 2.25 liters.


Next important question we have is the when to drink water. Because lot of people are confused with this as how much to drink water before or after the exercise. So first task is you have to be hydrated throughout the day whether it’s the exercise day or not. Your day should start from drinking good amount of the water and that should be your morning ritual.

Next is pre exercise routine. You should drink significant amount of the water before the exercise so you stay hydrated during your intense workout. Next step we have is during the work out. Look you have to be careful about this as you don’t want to over hydrate yourself during the exercise which will affect your health badly. So drink enough to continue your exercise. After exercise you have to hydrate yourself gradually so and do not have to drink the water one at a time.

If your exercising intensively or in the harsh conditions, then you have to take much precautions to meet the needs of your body. Because high-intensity session will require not only water but also the minerals so your body can function properly. You can have energy drinks for this or you can go for doctor-recommended drinks for these kind of situations.

Finally, you can for the more natural and organic approach and another option is coconut water or natural juices to replace all the replenishes from your body.

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