Is caffeine too much??

In this article we are going to explore more about on the topic of the caffeine. There is hot debate on this topic.  As we have covered about the coffee helps you to hydrate so more in this domain we are covering.

We all enjoy cup of coffee but if you are consuming too much of the coffee then it can be the problem for your health. Some people get tolerant to the caffeine but for the others it can have toxic affect.

Some of the worst affect caffeine can have on your body is how anxiety, nervousness, insomnia, heart problems and some other effects on the muscle and stomach. Coffee along with the tea also have many benefits but over excessive use of anything can impact negatively. It boosts the mental activity and productivity. If you stay in the limit of 400 milligrams of coffee boost, then its fine but when you exceed the limit then toxicity of the caffeine gets included in the body.

Coffee contains caffeine which is very stimulant and helps us humans to be active and increase productivity. Not only coffee helps in physical activities but also greatly help in the mental activities. Plus, as a side benefit caffeine helps in weight loss. As saying goes too much of anything has the side effects. So if you exceed the threshold limit then this will cause the problem for your body. Well you are taking caffeine from the other sources as well. So for optimal diet we have to be careful about these things. You should try to stay in the limit of 400 grams of caffeine if you are adult.

As our bodies adjusts to changes and we humans are adopting the caffeine as well. So after sometime of high caffeine intake your body knows how to function properly with these changings. Some of the side affects you can experience are nervousness, headaches and muscle spasms.  You can also experience the symptoms of the caffeine withdrawals and they can last for the weeks. When do you know to cut off your caffeine intake then you have to analyze your daily routine. If you are feeling anxious or have trouble sleeping, then it is a good idea to decrease the amount of caffeine you take.

The side effects of caffeine are not long lasting and over the time they resolve themselves. If you think you are consuming too much then you can cut off the supply of caffeine either by the other sources like decreasing chocolate.

You can also decrease this by drinking lot of water which will hydrate the body and replaces all extra caffeine.

Most of us like the aroma and taste of the coffee and we treat this as out morning rituals. For others they prefer their cup of coffee in afternoon. Luckily if you drink the safe amount of coffee then you are lucky and can work properly without affecting your body. Like other addictions you can reduce coffee intake gradually rather than cutting the supply altogether.

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