Is Sweating a problem?

Well one of major outcome of exercise is sweating. It is very much concern of people who don’t do exercise much. We humans tend to feel embarrassed because of sweating and it is one of major cause underarm sweat or in pubic areas.


Sweating is blessings for humans as it is way to cool off your body and let the steam off. You may not notice this but you are sweating continuously but it evaporates quickly. But when we are doing exercises, any hard work or when our body is under duress we sweat profusely. One way of reduce sweating is cooling off your body.

Moreover, your body will sweat more if it is going under hormonal changes and if you are obese also then you are prone to sweat more.

But still Medical science is not advance enough or measured accurately that what sweat is abnormal. Because cases vary with one person to another and if they think doctor has to make individual assessment about that. The problem is excessive sweating gets in the way of person’s daily life and he get denied different opportunities.

Sweating can be exhausted but many people notice the sweat mainly in the armpit area. Excessive sweating in this area can become problematic and you may experience bad odor which in turn will affect your sweating more.


First of all, you can use Lighter fabrics so it is easy to cool off and you don’t become the puddle of sweat. So clothing choice matters a lot and you have to take care of that. Now days there are so many options you can explore from the clothing perspective. There are Sweat proof shirts which can help you to cover this problem to much extent.

You can do one thing which is planning. If you have important meeting or an encounter you should stop doing heavy work.

Next is medical help and you can use different medicines which can help you to slow down sweating but you have to take care of these medicines with the Doctor’s prescription.


You do not have to feel embarrass from this because we all perspire and it is very much natural. We all go through events in life which makes us nervous and sweaty very much. There are treatments are available. If you are considering to go to health expert you should maintain a dairy where you should write everything about your sweat so he can make more accurate analysis of your situation.

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