Water and its many benefits

One of the most vital thing for human body is water and without water life is not possible. Water is very beneficial for so many things for the human body and it is main regulator of life. All the organs and functions depend on this. If we drink less water or there is another way of dehydration, then it can be dangerous for human body.

Water is very healthy substance and it does not contain any fat or proteins but contains very important minerals for human body. Doctor’s mentions to drink 8 glasses of water to regulate the human body and this is bare minimum. There are so many benefits of drinking water that we can’t even list them all down. It regulated the body fluids and helps to cool down the body in hot environment.

According to Health and Medicine division women drink less water than men in comparison which includes all the sources of liquid diet not only water. Water is more important for mental health then the physical health. Drinking less water effects cause headaches and low mental activity. People and bodies are different and they need different amount of water and for hydration. It also depends on the physical activity and at what stage of life you are.

Lack of drinking water will affect the emotions and mood. We can conclude that brain is greatly affected. Your cognitive and thinking power gets affected by and you have to drink water to use optimum mental capacity.

Moreover, water helps to remove waste material from your body in the form of sweat and urine. If you drink less water, then it will affect all these basic body functions. Even in extreme cases lack of water becomes problem for the kidney.

In very rare cases you can drink too much water which can make you sick by increasing the sodium level. This happens in very extreme levels and you don’t have to worry about this.

You can get variety of drinks to fulfill your required water intake. You can fulfill this need of you through many beverages and it will interest you to drink more once you like the drink. We humans can not drink much water in its simplest form so it is perfectly fine to add different taste to it. Or drink water in the form of different drinks which suits well to your body or compatible with the weather. As people prefer hot drinks in cold weather and refrigerated drinks in the hot weather.

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