When weight loss exercise show result??

The most anticipated moment after you start doing fat loss exercises. You want to see the results immediately. This is natural as soon as we hit the 2 week mark we want someone to give us validation that we are on the right track. But persistence and consistency is the key to achieve any results.

There are many factors involved like size of your clothes, eating routine and exercises you are doing they all can sum up to these factors. There is no one answer and it is not certainly same for everyone.

From where did you start

When you start doing exercises and take care of your health that matters too. So for this we have taken the help of BMI index. If your weight lies in the Obese section of BMI index, then we are not saying it is very hard to change but this can take lot of effort to improve the size or for the noticeable change.

If your body structure is small and have lower BMI score, then it will take more time to lose the extra fat but the change can be visible in few days.

Diet Plan

Next we have diet plans. This can have lot more effect then you think. There are different types of plans and some focus on the healthy lifestyle and other are jumpstart on the obesity and fatness.

When you start doing exercises it has more effect and you can lose more weights in the initial stages then in later stages. But you have to see the weight loss in the early stages is due to the water loss mainly not the fat loss side.

Psychological Impact

We recommend not to weigh yourself on the daily bases but you should have a scheme or a routine. You can check your weights on the weekly basis or on the bi-weekly basis. But seeing this will motivate you to be healthier and you can visualize your progress more appropriately.

Why do we want to become fit?

It can either for strength, stamina or for the health issues. Maybe you want to look good and try more less clothing size. Some people want to decrease the inches of some certain part of a body. This all boils down to the measurement scale and how you measure. The way we measure will affect the progress we will see.


We will recommend that you measure your weight after some time since you start your exercise. As after sometime you can see the visible change and this will motivate you further. Every body is different and it requires time to get adjusted with new routine. Be patient it can take time to get adjusted and see visible change. One thing which is very important is to keep yourself motivated throughout the process.

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