Yoga and how to do it

Well in lay man’s mind yoga is very systematic and mechanical thing. There are different ways to yoga and some are sequential yoga techniques. Which require the poses of yoga to be set in advance and follow them because of the laws which govern them. So for sequential yoga you have to follow the laws and rules which are written on stones.

One type of yoga is Bikram Yoga where there are set of 26 poses which you have to follow as they are meant to. Then there is another type of Yoga which is Ashtanga Yoga which have 41 poses in total so you have to follow them accordingly otherwise you would not receive the rewards which you are expecting.

Well if yoga is so rule bound then you cannot do the Yoga in an open way or in free style. If you are beginner, then you should not focus on these things and just start. If you let these rules confuses you then you will not reach anywhere.

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What is Yoga? It is a discovery Journey of yourself and that’s why we say workouts the practices. With its help you are meant to do a lot and learn more about other people. By yoga you get great insight about yourself and others. You learn to observe others in great deal. Yoga is the best individual experience you can have and it can be expressed in different forms.

There is not one single rule which is applied to everyone practice of yoga in some cases that rule will apply in middle and in others it will apply at the end.

There are some teachers who will go with lying positions for the safety of their students. This will help to learn the basics and pupil will understand what to do and not to do so after time it will help to do more difficult poses in the standing positions. And there is another approach where teachers and yogis start with very difficult position from the start and then gradually they move towards easy positions to let the students know how much they can expect from this session. Then they move towards the easy exercises and which will help to maintain the balance.

There are different type of Yoga and teaching style. Some prefer the one over the other style so to their own liking. If you do yoga on your own and want to build a sequence, then it’s better to have visualized the sequence before starting the class. First of all, you should have the plan in mind and what you want to achieve from this session. Then you can form the exercises in routine so you can follow different poses which you can remember for the later times. If it is the free flow practice than you don’t have to worry at all. If you skipped once you can improvise for the later practices.

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